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I don’t know if watching Zankyou no Terror and Tokyo Ghoul one after the other was a good idea… Who am I kidding it was a fucking great idea but now I’m full of feels omG.

i think i’ll watch ‘em tomorrow *sleepy*

*sleepy noises*

Title: FUTURE FISH (Haru and Makoto overlap ver.)
Artist: Nanase Haruka (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga) &Tachibana Makoto (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Played: 19634 times


Future Fish Haruka and Makoto (solo version overlapped) 

Haru on your right and Makoto on your left~ A.K.A. EARGASM


You have no business telling me that I'm strong or alone or whatever. In fact, it's no one's business to decide who's weak or strong. 


things oikawa tooru is

  • analytical
  • strategic
  • a leader
  • (a bit of) a brat
  • flawed
  • dependable

things oikawa tooru isn’t

  • trash
  • evil
  • mean
  • a saint
  • a god
  • a genius


Tokyo Ghoul, Ending art.

· wow · TG


haven’t been able to do these every day, but they’ve all been T2 lately


haven’t been able to do these every day, but they’ve all been T2 lately


I’ve always wanted to paint an aquarium scene~ _( `◟ 、_ )ノシ


Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3 | End cards



So, I finished reading Tokyo Ghoul…
Please blame the friend who sent me this >8)

Title: Tsukiyama Shuu - Kaneki ja Nakya Dame Mitai
Played: 23916 times



what, homework? YOU CAN’T MAKE ME


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"kyoani you can’t fool me"
by a sydney citizen
(pls read the captions for added humour)

part 1 | part 2